Please use the following descriptions to determine the skill level that would be appropriate for your child. Children with no swimming experience should be placed in Level I. Children should be able to accomplish the skills described in Level I in order to be placed in Level II, and so on. We will spend a small portion of the first class testing those children whose parents are uncertain what skill level would be appropriate for their child, but most children will be pre-registered in a skill level; therefore, instruction can begin right away. Some placement adjustments may be needed in the first few classes if parents have either over- or underestimated their child's ability.


Water Exploration

submerge face, blow bubbles, supported float: back/front, enter/exit water independently, navigate comfortably at pool side alternating arms action, supported kicking: front, back, basic safety


Stroke Refinement

beginning dive off board, breaststroke (10 yds), sidestroke (10 yds), elementary backstroke (25 yds), fly kick, front/back crawl (50 yds each), tread water using 2 kicks (2 minutes), familiarity with spinal injuries


Primary Skills

hold breath, retrieve objects, unsupported float: back/front, rhythmic breathing, jump into shallow end unassisted, flutter kick: front/back, back flutter kick with some arm action (5 yds), basic safety


Skill Proficiency

diving board approach skills, front/back crawl (100 yds each), breaststroke (25 yds), sidestroke (25 yds), butterfly (10 yds), approach stroke (25 yds), breaststroke/sidestroke turns, surface dives, flip turns, surface dives, treading water (3 minutes), throwing, spinal injuries


Stroke Readiness

retrieve objects, eyes open bobbing, complete submersion jump into deep water, dive from side of pool, prone & supine glide, 

back/front crawl (10 yds each with breathing), elementary back kick, basic safety


Advanced Skills

front dive off board, front crawl (200 yds), underwater swimming (15 yds), back crawl (100 yds), breaststroke/sidestroke (50 yds), butterfly (25 yds), backstroke flip turns, conditioning principles, tread water (5 min.), assist with backboard rescue


Stroke Development

elementary back (10 yds), sculling, front crawl (25 yds), back crawl (25 yds), breaststroke kick, sidestroke kick, tread water (2 minutes), rescue breathing, basic safety


Competitive Skills

workout comprehension, dryland conditioning, competitive rules and regulations, relay exchanges, competitive starts and turns, individual medley turns, aerobic training, underwater dolphin kick, breakouts, breaststroke pullouts, backstroke starts

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