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2020 Fall/Winter Season Update

Dear parents and athletes,

As pools are rumored to begin opening soon in lower Michigan after a long shutdown, we wanted to let you know that we are eager to bring the swim club programming back this fall. Although we are not exactly sure what the reopening will look like at this time, we are confident that we can provide a safe and educational program for youth swimmers in our facility.

Online registration will open up for the fall/winter program once we get the green light. There will be a signup opening announcement along with a date and time. The registration will be honored on a first come first serve basis which may leave some families without a spot this season if we have the same level of interest as last fall. The number of swimmers we will be allowed to have join will be linked to both the governor’s orders and Calvin University’s own safety procedures.

Social distancing, mask wearing, and hygiene will be important new policies for the program.

Whether or not we will mandate COVID testing before being allowed to practice/compete is something the university is still deciding on. Competitions will also be subject to the decisions of Michigan Swimming and the West Michigan Swim League.

We will keep everyone posted on the developments as they begin rolling out. If you have been paying attention to the pool/gym situation in Michigan throughout the shutdown, I don’t have to tell you that patience is key. Things could be postponed or changed or cancelled at the drop of a hat, and that’s something we will all need to understand as we move forward.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve your family and we look forward to seeing everyone back learning and having fun in the water.


Chris Sullivan

Calvin University Swimming and Diving

Assistant Coach/Aquatics Director

Mobile#: 616-589-7928

Office#: 616-526-6185

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Britt Barnett
Britt Barnett

Any word on when sign ups will take place for fall of 2021?


Tara Krosschell
Tara Krosschell

Hello, I’m wondering if the Calvin swim club is going to happen this year?

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