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Hello swimmers and parents! Winter registration 2018-2019 is now open! You are now able to complete the registration process completely online! Click here to proceed to the online registration page or go to and click "WINTER REGISTRATION" on the top menu.


1. Read the "Calvin College Policies" PDF document.

2. Click the green "Register Now" button at the top of the Winter Registration page.

3. Select the appropriate ticket option for the athlete being registered based on age. Your options are based on age group, either Bronze Group (ages 5-8) or Silver/Gold Group (ages 9-17). Select "1" for the ticket quantity confirming that you want to pay for a single registration. Although the website allows you to increase the ticket quantity, please do not try to pay for multiple athletes at once. Also note that prices vary based on age group.

5. Once you've selected a group, click "Checkout" (Before you click checkout, double check to make sure the ticket quantity is set to 1. Your total should be either $175 or $225, if it's more, you probably have more than one ticket selected.)

6. On the next page, fill out all the fields of the online registration form completely. All athlete information should be accurate including full name and correct birthdate, etc.

7. Click "Continue" and proceed to the payment options.

8. Enter your credit card/debit card information and click "Buy Now"

9. You are signed up! Save your receipt for your records.

10. Repeat the process for a second athlete if you are registering a second athlete.

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